Ultra High Speed Broadband Internet

Dotto-One delivers ultra high speed Internet to your residence. Depending on your location, you may be able to experience our fastest service which is a symmetric 1000 megabit (1 gigabit) connection.

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Compare downloading a 2-hour ultra HD (UHD) video:

High-end 50/10 DSL (50 megabits/s downstream – 10 megabits/s upstream)

6GB video compressed for HEVC 2160p TVs, under one minute

Dotto-One gigabit service (1000 megabits/s in both directions)

Compare uploading a 5-minute mobile phone video to the cloud:

High-end 60/10 Coax (60 megabit/s downstream – 10 megabits/s upstream)

1.7GB video @ 2160p from a Samsung Galaxy S5, in seconds

Dotto-One gigabit Internet service (1000 megabits in both directions)


How much data can you really download with a 300GB per month cap? An Internet connection with a constant download speed of 30 megabits per second consumes an entire 300GB in less than one day.

At Dotto-One we do not believe ultra high speed Internet should have unreasonable caps. Every Dotto-One service plan includes uncapped, unlimited data. Stop worrying about monthly limits.

No monthly data cap
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Experience the internet your way!

We provide a standard router with integrated firewall and a wireless access point that you can plug in and use right away. Prefer to use your own router, firewall, or wireless access points? No problem! We don’t mind.

When it comes to content and communications, we believe strongly in NETWORK NEUTRALITY. We will not throttle third party service providers or block access to web sites unless mandated by legal authority.


We offer speeds up to our FTTB 600 service plan at every location. There are no activation fees, no contracts and no hidden fees with any of our services. Every customer receives free installation and free hardware.

We stand behind our superior service. If you are not satisfied with your upgraded Internet service, we will fully refund your money within the first 90 days.

(Plans and pricing may vary based on location)