Experience Lightning-Fast Broadband with Dotto-One

Dotto-One brings ultra-high-speed internet right to your doorstep. Based on your location, you could be eligible for our pinnacle service: a balanced 1 gigabit (1000 megabit) connection.

Shift to a faster internet speed


Compare downloading a 2-hour ultra HD (UHD) video:

High-end 50/10 DSL (50 megabits/s downstream – 10 megabits/s upstream)

6GB video compressed for HEVC 2160p TVs, under one minute

Dotto-One gigabit service (1000 megabits/s in both directions)

Compare uploading a 5-minute mobile phone video to the cloud:

High-end 60/10 Coax (60 megabit/s downstream – 10 megabits/s upstream)

1.7GB video @ 2160p from a Samsung Galaxy S5, in seconds

Dotto-One gigabit Internet service (1000 megabits in both directions)

Unlimited DATA

Ever wondered about the real potential of a 300GB monthly cap? A connection with a steady download speed of 30 Mbps exhausts the whole 300GB in less than a day.

Dotto-One believes that ultra-fast internet shouldn’t come with unfair limits. With every Dotto-One service plan, enjoy uncapped and limitless data. Say goodbye to monthly cap concerns.

No monthly data cap
Man enjoying fast Dotto-One Internet speed

Discover Internet Independence!

Shape your internet experience to your liking!

We supply a standard router integrated with a firewall and a wireless access point for immediate usage. Fancy using your own equipment? Go right ahead, we’re perfectly fine with it!

In terms of content and communication, we’re staunch advocates for NETWORK NEUTRALITY. We assure no throttling of third-party services or barring website access unless legally compelled.

Unbeatable PRICING

Benefit from speeds up to our FTTB 600 service plan at all locations. With Dotto-One, forget about activation charges, hidden costs or binding contracts. All customers enjoy complimentary installation and hardware.

We take pride in our exceptional service. Should you be unsatisfied with your upgraded internet service, we guarantee a full refund within the first 90 days.

(Note: Plans and pricing are subject to change based on location)