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Dotto-One is a Toronto Internet Service Provider focused on bringing you the fastest High Speed Internet with no data caps at affordable rates.

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Ted Aleck
13:46 13 Jan 19
From initial inquiry through the installation process and ongoing support and provision of service, Dotto-One gets a 10 out of 10! These folks get customer service. What a pleasure to deal with a company that truly cares about and values their customers! Love the service. Reliable and consistent. Thanks!
Mahyar Anklesaria
01:55 28 Dec 18
I have used Dotto-One for over a year and can honestly say their service is as good as, or better than, the majors providers. And responsiveness to questions or service issues is A1. I highly recommend them based on my experience.
Timothy Walsh
05:50 22 Dec 18
I appreciate the cheerful and responsive customer service which "goes above and beyond", as well as the stable and reliable network system.
Mouhanad Alkurdi
00:18 22 Dec 18
So far very good, highly recommended.
Renzo Pella
00:10 22 Dec 18
Absolutely great service with Dotto-One, and very affordable. They also provide very personable customer service. Highly recommend over the giants.
Neil Gillis
23:50 21 Dec 18
Ditto-One has been efficient and professional. They responded to any requests I had swiftly. Very User Friendly company. Thanks.
Archie Kenyon
23:33 21 Dec 18
I have been very impressed with Dotto-One. I switched from Rogers and instated getting slightly better speeds for less price. But the biggest win is the service. When something goes wrong, the Dotto-One team agent catches it before I do. I once had an issue with the connection. I called and got through to a live person right away. Then a service tech came within an hour. These are things you can't dream of with Bell or Rogers.
Sharon Tsai
19:37 25 Sep 18
I've been with Dotto-One for over two years. Making the switch from Rogers was the best thing I've done. To everyone at Dotto, thank you!! Gone are the days where I dread calling tech support and the minutes wasted in automated menus, etc. just hear "try unplugging your modem". Three rings is all it takes to reach customer service at Dotto and they know you by name! Today I encountered a frustrating and peculiar problem with my IP. David said he'll try everything he can to find a solution for me. 2 hours later he called back cheerily to say he figured it out. This is the best customer service I've ever received from a company. Make the switch now!!!
Suzanne Morrow
17:37 06 Sep 18
I called Dotto One wondering about slow performance and they determined my speed was great and then helped me look at other possible causes; after talking on the phone, a technician came by 15 minutes later and fixed my computer's performance.
John McLaughlin
17:26 21 Jul 18
Dotto-One is great! I have been a customer for 2 years now. Tonight (Friday) I got a new laptop and was able to connect fine, but a few minutes later all attempts to engage the Wi-Fi failed. I called the laptop provider and they wouldn’t be able to do anything for “2-3 business days” (heading into the weekend that meant 4-5 days). I was pretty sure it was a problem with the machine, not Dotto-One, but I called their customer support nonetheless. Ian was fantastic, talking me through a number of steps until we located a fix on the laptop and restored full internet access. Fantastic service on something that wasn’t even their responsibility!I'd give more than 5 stars if that was possible.
21:44 04 Jul 18
So glad to hear everyone awesome comments about Dotto-One. As the founder of Dotto-One, very happy to see everyone enjoying the awesome company which I founded. Thank you.
lee saunders
10:49 15 Jun 18
Fast, efficient, very friendly service. Solved my questions quickly. Very pleased.
Sy Zawsky
21:50 02 May 18
Prompt, competent, helpful technical services provided by David were outstanding and much appreciated. Way to go, Dotto-One!
JC Trudel
16:29 01 Mar 18
Awesome company and best customer service out there! 🙂
Hui Chen
03:28 26 Jan 18
One of the best service in town I believe. Let Rogers slowly kill themselves and let small firm like Dotto-One grow
Iris Herrera
12:45 23 Dec 17
Dotto-One internet and its customer service are excellent. I have had their Internet for almost 1 year and I have not had any issue to complain about. Try them and you will forget about complaining
Meera Kamra-Kelsey
13:56 01 Nov 17
We recently switched to Dotto One for our condo from one of the major providers. Initial on-site set up was knowledgeable, friendly and provided extra quickly. We are impressed by the high speed and reliability of the service and continuing reactive support if we need it.
Joe Raposo
22:23 05 Jul 17
One of the best service provider , we have them for 2 years and never had a problem, great price and the best service
Ehsan Farasat
01:14 16 May 17
Love it! High quality service at a relatively low price. I switched two months ago from Rogers and so far it's been great. I've had no problems whatsoever. Stable connection at promised speed at all times. When I first called, I was on the phone for like 5 minutes. They send a technician the same day and he had it all installed within half an hour.
Warren Buddin
11:37 28 Apr 17
I was excited to cancel the slow, expensive internet service with Bell. When Dotto One became available in my building, I was one of the first to sign up. The service is fast and reliable, and much more competitively priced than the big competition. They started off small, so their service has always been friendly and personable. My experience over the years I have been with Dotto One has been 5/5.
Leroy Kugle
21:29 23 Feb 17
I've had Dotto One for 8 months. It's fast and reliable.I had Bell Fibe internet for many years. Over the last 2-3 years, service had deteriorated significantly. The speed had dropped, and I had many outages and other problems: Bell disconnected one of my phone jacks (it had a short?) and ran an internet connection to another, making it unusable.I was skeptical of Dotto One at first, but their tech support was very helpful resolving some concerns and issues that I had, even before I signed up.Their technician was professional, and he fixed the problems with the jacks that Bell had created. He also moved the modem from my bedroom where Bell had insisted it had to be, back to my office where it used to be before all of the problems started with Bell.
Ilango Karunanithy
15:17 10 Jan 17
Have been with Dotto-One for the last 4 months (previously with Teksavvy) and couldn't be happier. Their speeds have been consistent and I have not had any outages thus far. Highly recommend them.
Kaven Kafshbarghi
15:15 04 Jan 17
Dotto-One is an incredible company. Their small group is a powerful one. I have experience with half a dozen different carriers and it wasn't until I signed up with Dotto-One that I have actually been truly satisfied. They add great value.
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