Condos and Apartments:
Have Your Building Connected Today
Ultra High Speed Internet for Everyone

A Dotto-One experience for:

The Resident

Incredible Service

Same day or next day on-site service from our in-house team with stellar reviews on Google and Facebook

No Contracts

Freedom of choice, the ability to cancel anytime with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Free Hardware

No equipment charge or rental fee for dual band Wi-Fi

Simple Setup

A free 30-minute installation scheduled for a specific time you choose

Get it all working

Optional 90 minutes of help to get all your other Internet devices and services online

The Property Manager

No Re-Wire Required

Upload and download speeds up to 1000 megabits per second using our bonded g.Fast technology. No rewiring or entering suites required.

No Cost

We deploy our equipment in the main telecom room at no cost to the building and service can start immediately.

Managed Wi-Fi

Self-service Wi-Fi as a building amenity managed securely without any administrative overhead for the property manager

Managed Internet

Free Internet for property management and building staff with optional VPN access provided to external building service providers

Go bulk

Go bulk and receive up to 50% off the retail price for the entire building!

Let’s get started!

The Resident

Obtain the E-mail address for your property manager and use the following link to complete an introduction letter that will be sent to both Dotto-One and your property manager. We will follow up to begin the process.

The Property Manager

Use the following link to send an introduction to Dotto-One. Our friendly staff can help you better understand our technology and assist with providing any information you need to present to your team.

What are the steps?

Use the links above to reach out to us. If your building is near to another project underway, starting the process sooner could shorten the time between now and when you have service. Be the first to introduce us to your property manager and receive a free Google Chromecast.

We reach out to your property manager and provide an information package that explains how we can bring fibre optic services into the main telecom room in the basement of your building. Together with the building, we execute a standard building access agreement mandated by the Telecommunications Act.

Within days of connecting your building’s main telecom room to our fibre network, we can begin providing residential service.