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    Dear [Property Manager],

    We are interested in having Dotto-One’s ultra high-speed internet service in our building. Adding Dotto-One’s Internet service is simple and provides up to Gigabit speeds to every unit.

    * Zero cost to the residents and building
    * Ultra high speeds, Unlimited Data Internet services with no caps
    * Free Managed WiFi services in building amenity areas
    * Complimentary Internet services for building management
    * Unprecedented customer service with stellar online reviews
    * Able to leverage existing infrastructure in older buildings, no rewiring or entering suites required

    Adding an additional internet service provider increases choice for every member and increases competitive pricing from existing providers. Setup for the service only requires access to our lower level telecommunications room and riser closets.

    Would you please contact Nam Nguyen from Dotto-One and speak to him about scheduling a meeting to discuss bringing their services into our building?

    Nam Nguyen
    Sales Manager

    Thank you in advance, and please provide me with an update as to when we can get this great new service in our building.

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